Monday, November 18, 2013

Office Intros!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a fantastic Monday! We have exciting things happening here and wanted to give you an updated introduction along with a behind the scenes look at StyleScan! My name is Sotiria and I’m one of the founders. I didn’t always want to start my own company. Growing up I wanted to become an architect. The idea of designing a structure that was just a dream the day before was extraordinary to me. As you can tell now, I’m no architect. I was never good at art or drawing, so I gave it up. Coming from immigrant parents, you’re taught to go to school and study to make a better life, so that’s what I did. I studied Health Science in college and began working. Needless to say I hated it. I’ve been working since the ripe old age of 15 and it was once I started my career that I knew I would only be happy if I started my own company. I dove into entrepreneurship head first and haven’t looked back. Any book, magazine, article I could read about it, I did. I was out of school and the only person that could teach me about this lifestyle was myself. Every day I researched as much as I could about other successful entrepreneurs and even met with a few. It’s one of the most exciting times but it’s also one of the hardest times. I’ve started several businesses, some succeeded, some failed, and some pivoted. Through all of these endeavors, I learned a lot about myself and about life. And every path I’ve gone down has led me to StyleScan!  

Some fun facts about me:  

1.   I began dancing at 5 years old and competed while dancing in college. 
2.   My parents and family are from Greece. 
3.   My concentration in Health Science was Nuclear Medicine. 
4.   My favorite TV Show is LOST. 
5.   I get into TV shows after they have gone off the air and then marathon watch them.
6.   I rarely watch comedies and prefer dramas. 
7.   I’ve always been a book reader. Since I was in the 5th     
      grade, I’ve been reading books that were at least 400 pages
8.   I will eat anything chocolate. 
9.   I loathe coffee. (I know, shocking) 
10. I loathe soda.  

12 questions picked from the staff: 

1. What is your favorite beverage and or cocktail? 
     Beverage – water 
     Cocktail – vanilla vodka and ginger ale.

2. What article of clothing do you identify with the most & why? 
    It seems that since I was young I always gravitate towards   
    wife beaters. I have tons of them and they are my go to piece  
    because I like being comfortable and they go with   
    everything.  James Perse wife beaters are my fav! 

3. Are you a cat or dog person and why?
    Dog person. They are loyal and your best friend. 

4. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? 
    Take a dance class. 

5. What is the hardest thing that you’ve had to do that's sets the bar for all other difficult 
    Starting my own business and being self employed – hands downs. 

6.  If you had to choose one cuisine for the rest of your life what would it be?

7.  Are you more of a polka-dots or pin-stripes person? 
     Pin stripes.  They make you look taller. 

8.  If you had a super power, what would it be?
     The ability to travel back in time.

9.  15 minute conversation with anyone past or present, who would it be? 
      Myself - in the past. 

10.  What's your favorite smell & why? 
       Butter.  You know when you walk into a room and it smells 
       like desserts because they are using butter - well that's my
       favorite smell. 

11.  If you could eat only sweet, sour, or salty for the rest of you 
       life what would it be?

12.  What is your biggest pet peeve?
        When people place a hanger around their neck while 
        shopping to see if the item fits them.  It's ridiculous, use a 
        fitting room.         

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